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Academy Conversion / MAT

The conversion process towards becoming an Academy, whether as a single stand-alone school or with a view to joining a Multi Academy Trust (MAT), is now a well-trodden path. There are a number of options ranging from the very simple off-the-shelf conversion of a single school to the creation of a complex Trust structure with numerous schools operating under its wing. Judicium Education experts can assist with the entire process, from initial consideration of all the options available to a single school, to completion of the entire project in line with the objectives of the members.

In particular, we can assist with:

  • Advising you on the optimum structure for your school, whether that be creating a single school Trust or joining an established Multi Academy Trust.
  • If you are seeking to join an existing MAT, we can help you find one that reflects your values and culture.
  • Equally, if you are seeking to create a MAT, we can approach schools on your behalf.

We can manage each stage of the process and liaise with all parties involved including:

  • Managing the legal work involved in creating the initial Limited Company and Trust, transferring land and other assets, dealing with the Funding Agreement and TUPE work.
  • Dealing with the transfer of commercial contracts.
  • Advising on selection of auditors and accounting systems.
  • Advising on Governor roles and responsibilities.

If you would like a confidential discussion on any of the matters listed above please, please contact us on the number above, on enquiries@judicium.com or use the tell me more box below. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Don't forget...

.... that our HR Advisory service now includes an annual visit to your school.  You can use this visit to apprise us of any new developments in your school or alternatively to assist you with any HR issues that are better dealt with face to face.

There is no extra cost for this visit and it is available to all HR Advisory clients old and new.  If you would like to book a visit by one of our consultants to your school, please contact us on 0845 459 7013.

"when I took up my third headship I was appalled at the state of the HR and payroll. Thank goodness for Judicium! The whole process was so smooth and easy, and the support since has been amazing, and seamless. I would have expected a few hiccups with a change of payroll provider, but there have been none so far, and we've been dealing with redundancies and governors as well as the everyday HR and Payroll issues. I cannot speak highly enough of the firm.” Mrs Kate Owbridge, Head teacher - Peter Hills with St Mary's & St Paul's CE Primary School

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