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Settlement Agreements

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Course Overview

This course will provide you with an overview of the law regarding Settlement Agreements.

Intended Outcomes

This course will provide you with an overview of Settlement Agreements as follows:

  • What is a Settlement Agreement;
  • What claims can be settled by a Settlement Agreement;
  • Starting Settlement Discussions;
  • When to have a Without Prejudice Conversation;
  • When to have a Protected Conversation;
  • How to have a Without Prejudice/Protected Conversation;
  • Successfully agreeing on Settlement Terms;
  • Making an Offer;
  • What to Offer;
  • Consideration;
  • Additional matters to consider;
  • How long should the individual have to consider the offer;
  • Taxation of Payments under a Settlement Agreement;
  • Tax indemnity;
  • What if a Settlement Agreement cannot be reached;
  • Drawing up a Settlement Agreement;
  • What must a settlement agreement include to be legally binding; and
  • Who can draw up a settlement agreement.

Who is it for

This course is an introduction to Settlement Agreements and is aimed at aspiring members of the Senior Leadership Team, newly appointed Line Managers, members of the Governing Body and School Business Managers new to the role.



1 hour.

The Cost

This course is available as part of our eLearning annual licence which includes unlimited access for your school to the full Human Resources eLearning Library for £985 plus VAT per annum.

Alternatively, if your school subscribes to our annual Human Resources Support Service, you will receive access to our entire Human Resources eLearning library at no extra cost.


To successfully complete the course, learners will be required to pass a short assessment.


Upon successful completion of the course learners will be issued accredited certificate to download. The course equates to 1 hour of CPD.

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  • Total cost £ 985

    (For unlimited access to all courses in this eLearning library)

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