Health & Safety

Behavioural Safety

About this event

Current statistics for accidents in education estimate in an average 12 months there will be 51,000 non-fatal injuries to staff. Many of these can be easily prevented with effective training and a behaviour-based safety approach introduced in your school or trust.

Behavioural safety is an approach aimed at improving occupational safety and health standards by altering staff behaviour. Rather than focusing solely on physical hazards, it emphasises the role of individual actions and choices in preventing accidents and injuries.

During the session we will be looking at:

    • How we behave at work

    • Human contribution to incidents
    • Human behaviour/ failures in previous incidents

    Let us introduce you to this week's professional speaker

    Rachel Kitchen

    Rachel is a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner with 20+ years of health and safety experience and joined Judicium in December 2023. Her roles and responsibilities include ensuring health, safety and fire compliance for our education clients as well as delivering training sessions.

    Rachel lives in Northamptonshire with her husband and two children. Outside of work she is keen football fan, holding a season ticket at Watford Football Club and previously coaching a local grassroots team.