KCSIE Updates and Safeguarding in Education 2023-24: Lessons Learned

About this event

Safeguarding within schools is constantly adapting. With so many changes to Keeping Children Safe in Education over the past few years, what can schools expect?

Ministers have decided KCSIE 2024 will only undergo technical changes before final publication in September 2024, with a view to providing a more substantively updated document encompassing wider changes delivered in 2025.

Therefore, this session will not only look at KCSIE changes for 2024, but additionally, at key trends and lessons learned in safeguarding over the last year 2023-24.

During the session we will be covering the following:

  • The updates to KCSIE 2024
  • How to implement these in your school for September
  • Considerations for policy, procedure and practice
  • The KCSIE 2025 consultation
  • Safeguarding challenges 2023-24

Let us introduce you to this week's professional speaker

Joanne Bocko 

Joanne has a wide range of safeguarding experience which allows her to understand the differences between schools and the challenges they face. Starting as a primary school teacher, her compassion for those in need led to a move to Police Staff and eventually working in the cybercrime team supporting schools and students with online safety issues. She headed up campaigns for online offences and appeared on the BBC and Radio One newsbeat. Her passion for schools brought her to the Local Authority, where, as a Safeguarding in Education Officer, she provided training and support to all schools in her county. Her motto is ‘if it will make life easier and better for schools, I will do it!’