DPO: DPIAs - Say Hello to Data Protection Impact Assessments 10AM

DPO: DPIAs - Say Hello to Data Protection Impact Assessments 10AM

About this event

The first question we will be addressing is one that we are regularly asked:

Why are DPIAs important?

During the session we will talk about not only how DPIAs are an essential part of your accountability obligations, but also ways which you can support yourself and your staff to complete them. As we know conducting a DPIA is a legal requirement, but it doesn’t need to be onerous.

We will be discussing:

  • What is the legal position and why are DPIAs a requirement?
  • Importance and benefits of DPIAs
  • DPIAs in practice - when to complete, what to include, who to consult, the importance of reviewing, and the potential for ICO intervention.

    Let us introduce you to this week's professional speaker

    Justyna graduated from university with a first class bachelor’s degree in Law. She began her journey in a top 500 law firm in a sensitive class action, balancing data protection and disclosure work. Having progressed to a Senior Data Protection Consultant at Judicium, Justyna continues to build on her expertise having completed an accredited course on Data Protection Impact Assessments.  She prides herself on making light work for schools and adopting a friendly approach to a spectrum of queries. Justyna is bilingual, loves her two fur babies and enjoys traditional weight lifting.