Who is Judicium Education?

Judicium Education isn’t just one person, we are a team that has built itself around knowledge and skills.  More importantly, sharing those skills with the education sector to support schools and trusts to flourish.

Ultimately Judicium Education is about great people and great advice.


Judicium is a Latin word, phonetically it is pronounced as "Ju diss e um".

If you go back to the etymology of the Latin word ‘Judicium’ it means verdict, judgement, wise, proceedings before a judge.
This is the life blood of who we are at Judicium, highly qualified individuals who enable schools to make the right decisions for them.

Our Story

Judicium was formed twenty years ago when our two founding barristers discussed the rapidly changing education landscape.

With many school leaders facing continuous challenges such as academisation, staffing, and increases surrounding statutory requirements, schools were focusing on economies of scale, streamlining of resources and long term sustainable financial viability of their school.

Judicium Education exists to improve the quality and affordability of robust legal advice for the education sector. With a passion for people, we have developed an unlimited support model that allows for flexibility, growth, and a wealth of knowledge from experts dedicated solely to helping make education better.

Now, with over two decades supporting the education sector, Judicium has grown to cover 6 main core services:

…all of which work symbiotically.

We are leading the way in providing a wraparound support network for our clients, in a simple set fee structure to ensure schools have what they need at the time they need it most.


With a driving force of entrepreneurial spirit, we operate in over 2,500 schools and academies nationwide and are present in over 70 Local Authorities from Cornwall to Durham and from Cumbria to Kent. Despite our growth, we have never lost sight of what sets us apart – our people.

Whether they be our clients, educators, staff or funders, what makes this collaboration unique is the people who encapsulate the mission of Judicium Education.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients. Our dedication to the sector can be seen in the projects we do, including “Six Minutes in the Spotlight” - an inspirational film competition developed with 20th Century Fox, Lloyd’s bank and Cineworld for our partner schools. We also strive to create better outcomes in education across the UK through our free, weekly advisory ‘Sofa Session’ talks where we help to support all members of the education community with shared knowledge, experience, and collaboration.

Meet the Judicium team


Our Values

Passion for education

We strive to make a difference through empathy, understanding and our long-term commitment to the sector.

People at the heart
of what we do

Our clients, educators, staff and funders are all valued and respected as we aim to meet each of their needs.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We commit to leading the market and delivering through our agility, innovation and continuous improvement to services.


As strategic partners, we work closely with our customers to help them meet their education and management objectives.