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Join us 'on the sofa' where we talk frankly with experts about the real issues facing education. With many attendees from across the country bringing ideas, together, we can find effective solutions to challenging conversations!

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"No script, no jargon... real conversation!"




"I found the talk phenomenally helpful, this was my first sofa session so a high bar has been set for the future!"

Wheatley Park School

Your sessions are excellent and a great way not only to keep the Safeguarding Leadership Team updated, but to also ensure that our Staff are cognisant of the key points and updates. The sessions really are superb, informative and crucially, from the perspective of people who have been there and know what they are talking about. This is invaluable when it comes to safeguarding.

Chingford Academies Trust

The Sofa Session was the best training that I have been on. It was short, sharp and to the point. It had contributors who understood schools/teaching and so gave useful and relevant info and it actually gave some tangible ideas and resources which so often gets lost in fluff in other training courses.

Copleston High School

Judicium ‘sofa sessions’ are always well organised and of an excellent standard. This particular training led by a Police Officer is without doubt the best CPD I have received about CSE and CCE.

Marston Green Junior School

"I have nothing but positive feedback for the 'sofa sessions'. I have benefited so much from them and have also contributed to my own knowledge base and personal development."

The UCL Academy

"It's rare that I attend a session where I am completely engrossed from the outset, and much of that was down to Hannah and James's brilliant and easy-to-follow approach"

Wheatley Park School

I wanted to take this opportunity to say how helpful and informative I found all the sessions I have attended! Thank you for all your hard work in putting them together and making them available to us. There are definitely some positive results that have come from Covid - we are now able to access all of these Judicium resources.

Learning Partners Academy Trust


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  Bonus Session
  Wed, 13th December 2023
  10:00am & 11:30am
  Rik Chilvers

Join us as we discuss:

  • Can SENDCOs be omnipresent?
  • The role of the wider staff body
  • Working with parents/carers
  • Your statutory requirements
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