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Health & Safety
  Wed, 26th June 2024
  10am & 11:30am
  Morne Landman

Join us as we discuss:

    • Legal Framework and Responsibilities

    • Risk Assessment
    • Emergency Procedures
  • Health and Wellbeing
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      Wed, 3rd July 2024
      10:00am & 11:30am
      Joanne Bocko

    Join us as we discuss:

      • The updates to KCSIE 2024
      • How to implement these in your school for September
      • Considerations for policy, procedure and practice
      • The KCSIE 2025 consultation
      • Safeguarding challenges 2023-24
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    Health & Safety
      Bonus Session
      Thu, 4th July 2024
      Rachel Kitchen

    Join us as we discuss:

      • How we behave at work

      • Human contribution to incidents
      • Human behaviour/ failures in previous incidents
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      Data Protection Officer
        Wed, 10th July 2024
        10am & 11:30am
        Lane Baker

      Join us as we discuss

      • SARs and FoIs received just before or during holidays
      • Steps you can take to make sure your school does not infringe data related rights
      • Practical tips to put in place now
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