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"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your colleagues at Judicium for your fantastic support to us at LEO during these strange times and hope you are all well. Looking forward to 2020-21...who knows what challenges are before us, but I know we will be able to meet them head on as a team with your support"

"Judicium provides the Trust with outstanding professional health and safety support and advice.  The team is efficient, reliable and pragmatic in their approach.  It is a pleasure working with such an experienced and friendly team who go out of their way to ensure we receive the best possible service, which has proven to be invaluable to the schools within the Trust."

"The safety of pupils and students is the foundation that all successful schools are built upon. When you get this vital aspect covered, everything else can be developed. The professionalism and diligence that Judicium provide our school, with their H&S service, ensure that we are kept up to speed with new legislation and have the framework to ensure that we are always compliant."

"Judicium’s H&S support, advice and training over the years has been extremely invaluable for all the teaching and support staff, covering all our schools' specific needs within this area. And with their CPD accredited on-line training, its brilliant! - It’s an easy system to use tailored for convenience of the individual in mind, without tying up staff or extra training costs."

"We worked with Judicium because of their reputation for delivering quality services. They have played a vitally important role in supporting (our) work and helping to deliver the best service for our students."

"Health and Safety has always been a difficult area for us; we simply don't have the knowledge or expertise to carry out all the risk assessments ourselves. Judicium's down to earth approach and simple to read policies and documents are a refreshing change."

"We have been extremely pleased with the work of Judicium. HR is an area that has been concerning us for years; and often we've felt a lack of robust support. However, Judicium are a breath of fresh air."

"On an issue by issue basis, Judicium's advice is robust, unequivocal and swift. They guarantee to respond to your query within 24 hours and always direct their approaches to the outcome you desire. This is in total contrast to the advice that we previously received."

"We first contacted Judicium during an episode with a particularly difficult member of staff. In contrast to the "soft" advice we had been receiving up to this date, Judicium told us exactly what we had to do to meet our objectives. The issue was resolved rapidly and in the best interests of my school."

"Judicium's Education Team's formidable depth and breadth of legal knowledge, astute, alert approach and intense ability to focus on identifying and successfully achieving outcomes, can best be described as 'Outstanding'."

"Consistently high quality HR advice even in the trickiest of situations. Senior staff have been able to work much more effectively because of the excellent support the school has received."

"I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Judicium for their expertise in dealing with a recent staffing issue; which prior to their intervention was becoming stressful and unnecessarily drawn out. To be honest, before Judicium's involvement I was starting to become demoralised by a perceived lack of justice."


"I can fully and strongly recommend without reservation all of the services to date used by us in relation to Judicium. They maintain high standards and are excellent at delivering what they say they will in all aspects.  They have saved us lots of money, time, frustration and effort."


"The only thing I worry about is moving that student from a C grade to an A grade. Everything else, Judicium takes care of for me."

Northampton School for Boys

"Judicium have provided prompt answers to all of our HR questions. They have been clear and authoritative and have allowed us to take positive actions with greater confidence. This has allowed us to save time prevaricating or researching and debating how to deal with issues - we have been able to get on with doing so."

Northampton School for Boys

"Judicium have enabled our school to make rapid progress towards providing an outstanding level of Health & Safety to our employees, pupils and visitors. Our questions have been responded to with speed and accuracy and the support given has been excellent.  We are very impressed with the high level of professionalism received from all at Judicium."