School Health & Safety Service

How safe is your school or multi-academy trust for students and staff?

We support your school to create a safe working and learning environment while
ensuring compliance with the legal regulations with bespoke, education-specific experience. 

Unlimited Advice

Unlimited Advice

Free access to JEDU

Free Access to JEDU

IOSH members

IOSH members


Our Health & Safety Service includes

Health & Safety Audit

We provide an in-depth audit of the school's management of health & safety, benchmarked against the best practice set out by the HSE and in-line with the Department for Education requirements. This exercise will assess the scope and effectiveness of current arrangements and audit compliance.

Policy and Procedure

We draft and keep under review policies and procedures, including a School/Academy Health & Safety Policy and subsidiary policies such as Managing Contractors and Fire Management.

Risk Assessments

We carry out and document several management assessments of the risks in key areas. Our recommendations for improved control of risks in these areas are then set out in an Action Plan for the school.

Curriculum Risks

When appropriate, we meet with the Heads of Department of the higher-risk, practical subjects to assess how safety is managed and provide advice.  Our recommendations for improved risk control are set out in an Action Plan.

Access to a specialist advisor

We will assign you a Lead Consultant who is a specialist School Safety Adviser. They will be your primary contact for unlimited advice on any health & safety matter. All consultants have reached or exceed the level of graduate members of IOSH.

Accident Investigation Support

Should an accident, near-miss or serious incident occur in your school, we will assist you in carrying out an investigation to determine the cause of the event and identify any failure in the health and safety management system.

Online Resources

As part of your subscription, you will have access to an online Document Library of risk assessment templates and examples, checklists, guidance documents and newsletters, all written specifically for Schools..

Accredited eLearning for all Employees

As part of the annual package, all employees will have free, unlimited access to our health and safety eLearning library containing over 30 CPD accredited courses.

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Access all your compliance documents using
our Compliance Dashboard.

JEDU is our online Health & Safety Audit compliance reporting software for schools and Multi Academy Trusts.

A leading tool for busy school senior leaders.

Health & Safety audit compliance dashboard for school leaders

  • Monitor overall assessment of risk for each key area via the education specific dashboard
  • View your schools action plan for recommended and required improvements
  • The audit and associated award gives school leaders and trust managers confidence that all their health and safety compliance needs are being addressed by our experts


  • School leaders can track progress towards completion of tasks
  • MAT leaders can see all schools in their group via the easy dashboard
  • MAT leaders can track progress towards the completion of all recommendations across their schools
Jedu laptop


Health and Safety has always been a difficult area for us; we simply don't have the knowledge or expertise to carry out all the risk assessments ourselves. Judicium's down to earth approach and simple to read policies and documents are a refreshing change."

Paul Tuffin | Head Teacher | Southfields Primary School


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Frequently Asked Questions

We will send you a list of documents and a format for the visit. We don’t expect you to have all the information we need but the consultant will discuss this with you and ensure we can review the significant documents. The audit is a process

The first visit is the starting point. Over time our working relationship will develop and you will work with your assigned consultant to complete all that is required. We will work with you during visits and remotely, whenever needed. Our consultancy work is much more than just your audit meeting.

The school is required to provide appropriate health & safety training for the work that is being completed. The level and subjects depend on the person’s job role. Through our service, you have unlimited access to our comprehensive e-learning library of school-specific CPD-accredited courses. This enables you to assign suitable courses to each employee.

In addition to e-learning, we offer face-to-face training for those who require such training. By using our service you are able to successfully demonstrate that you comply with legal requirements for providing appropriate training for all employees.

A fire risk assessment must be written by a competent person. This includes training and experience. Our consultants are both highly trained in fire risk assessment and have extensive experience in school-specific fire risk assessment. You can be confident that we provide the very best competent people to complete your assessment.

We understand the unique challenges faced by schools and school leaders in complying with fire safety while managing a school. We understand, through experience, exactly how those in schools use the buildings. This may not always reflect the way the school was designed. We are skilled at providing solutions.

Our consultant will send a detailed list of information they need to review. They will complete a comprehensive process with you, looking at how the school has been designed, is being used, and any issues that have been identified.

The consultant will inspect each area of the school with you. We will address any questions or concerns you have and will provide you will a detailed fire risk assessment with a clear action plan of recommendations. We provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the school year, not just at the assessment.

Each visit results in a report. These can be viewed on our online JEDU platform. You can download the whole report, just the action plan or the related data. Schools are able to assign actions to individuals, update progress, and provide evidence that the required work has been completed.

All reports are easy to access, and can be used in internal reports as required. If you are part of a multi-academy trust, you are able to view the results for all your schools on our JEDU MAT dashboard. This an invaluable tool, displaying live data, as actions are being completed. The Jedu platform is available for health & safety and Fire risk assessment reports.

Every client has access to a comprehensive library of guidance, template, policy, and update/newsflash documents. Each one can be downloaded and amended to suit your needs. If there are legal changes or new documents are required, we simply upload them for your access. All documents are available on our JEDU platform.