Data Protection Officer

An Essential Guide to Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)

About this event

DPIA support is our most requested data protection Sofa Session topic for 2023!

We are often inundated with queries regarding when and how to complete them.

Understanding that a DPIA is the data version of the more widely used ‘risk assessment’ is the first step to understanding the process and its importance to protecting your data.

During the session we will be looking at:

  • What is a DPIA?
  • When do you need a DPIA and building in a process to spot when they’re needed?
  • Key inclusions in a DPIA, using an example of a Judicium prepared document to aid understanding.

Let us introduce you to this week's professional speaker

Laura Butler

Laura is originally from New Zealand and has a bachelor’s degree from Victoria University, Wellington. She moved to the UK four years ago and her first job in the UK was in a secondary school setting, which enabled her to understand Data Protection from a school’s point of view. When she is not helping with queries and carrying out audits, Laura loves to keep active by playing netball for a few teams in her local area and loves spending time with friends and family.