Data Protection Officer

Tricky Subject Access Requests

About this event

Last year, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) received over 15,000 Subject Access complaints. The ICO has taken a firmer stance on employers who do not respond in the allocated time. But what if the request isn’t straightforward?

Following on from our introductory guide, join us as we look at more complex SARs.

We'll take you through some real-life education examples and guide you on support to expect from your Data Protection Officer.

During the session we will be looking at:

    • Do you have to comply with a SAR if the worker has signed a non-disclosure or settlement agreement?
    • Do you need to comply with a SAR if the worker is going through a tribunal or grievance process?
    • You’ve had a request for CCTV footage, but it contains images of other people. Do you have to disclose it?
    • What happens if a requester isn’t happy with their SAR response?

Let us introduce you to this week's professional speaker

Sam Hall 

Sam qualified as a solicitor in 2021, while working in a Human Rights and Civil Liberties team. His legal experience includes representing clients in civil claims involving public authorities following breaches of the Data Protection Act 2018 as well as other privacy related claims. Sam enjoys dealing with day-to-day data protection queries as well as conducting on-site training and compliance audits. Outside of work, he enjoys long distance running and buying too many books.