About us

Judicium Education is a professional services company operating in the education sector. Originally founded by a team of barristers to provide employment law advice to schools, our services have since grown to cover almost every area of professional services. We now operate in over 1200 schools and are present in over 60 Local Authorities all the way from Cornwall in the South West to Hull in the North East.

Judicium Education is passionate about delivering best-of-breed services to our clients. We strongly believe that the quality of support services is a crucial factor in determining the success of a school.

Our primary objectives are threefold: to recruit the best people to work for us, to deliver the best services to our clients, and to do so with minimum intrusion and maximum effect.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with us.

Some of our team that you may recognise...

Leon de Costa - Chief ExecutiveAlex Mehta - DirectorAlison Langley - Health and Safety ConsultantArlina Rodrigues - Accounts Assistant
Chloe Huxham - Administrative AssistantCraig Stilwell - Employment Law ConsultantEmma Drew - Employment Law ConsultantGraeme Holland - Head of Health and Safety
Hugh Grime - Head of Employment LawJacquie Baker - Recruitment ConsultantJenny Salero - Employment Law ConsultantKelly Rayner - Senior Employment Law Consultant
Lourine Moses - Office ManagerLynda Jarvis - Health and Safety ConsultantMarianna Maslonkova - Financial ControllerSamantha Birnie - Employment Law Consultant
Sara Allison - Team Leader - EducationShirley DeFouw - HR AdministratorSimon Bradley - Senior Education Specialist<h4>Alex Mehta</h4><p>Director</p>Vicki Hunt - Senior Employment Law Consultant

Don't forget...

.... that our HR Advisory service now includes an annual visit to your school.  You can use this visit to apprise us of any new developments in your school or alternatively to assist you with any HR issues that are better dealt with face to face.

There is no extra cost for this visit and it is available to all HR Advisory clients old and new.  If you would like to book a visit by one of our consultants to your school, please contact us on 0845 459 7013.

"On a very positive front, the move away from LA based advice to Judicium has been the best move this school has ever made. The level of support and instant advise has been impressive and I have no wish to return to the "dark ages" of LA based support.” Andy Conlon, Head teacher - Oldfleet School

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