Safeguarding for Support Staff

Safeguarding for Support Staff

Safeguarding for Support Staff

About this Safeguarding course

Course Overview:

The aim of the course is to cover some safeguarding scenarios that are specific to key support staff, such as premises, catering and cleaning staff.

Intended Outcomes:

Staff working in key teams such as premises, catering and cleaning are often in schools very early and/or very late, when few other colleagues are around. Students can build very strong relationships with these staff and occasionally overstep boundaries.

The course will provide you with the knowledge to understand the following:

  • Professional behaviours for key support staff
  • How to have professional conversations with students
  • How to act in different safeguarding scenarios

Who is it for:

Support staff such as premises, catering and cleaning staff.


45 minutes.

The Cost:

This course is available as part of our eLearning annual licence which includes unlimited access to the full Safeguarding eLearning Library for £ 995 plus VAT per annum.

Alternatively, if your school subscribes to our annual Safeguarding Support Service, you will receive access to our entire Safeguarding eLearning library at no extra cost.

This course is also available for those subscribing to the Health and Safety Service at no additional cost.


To successfully complete the course, learners will be required to pass a short assessment.


Upon successful completion of the course learners will be issued a CPD accredited certificate to download. The course equates to 45 minutes of CPD.

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