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School Educational Visits Coordinator Training

3 hours
£595.00 + VAT

What this course contains

This course is designed to provide the required training for a member of school staff to be an Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC). The course covers all key areas required to enable the attendee to carry out the EVC role within a school.

Intended Outcomes

The aim of the training is for the attendee to understand the following in enough detail that they can apply their knowledge to ensure all educational trips are managed safely in accordance with requirements. The course includes:

  • Background information on safety and educational visits
  • Provision of knowledge and skills to carry out the EVC role
  • Key roles in managing educational visits
  • The completion of educational visit risk assessments

Who is this course for

This course is suitable for Educational Visit Coordinators (those requiring training to become an EVC).

The cost

For schools that subscribe to our Health & Safety Support service the fees are £595 plus VAT (for up to 15 attendees).

For schools that do not subscribe to our Health & Safety Support Service, fees are £895 plus VAT.


To successfully complete the course, attendees will be required to pass a short assessment.


Upon successful completion of the course attendees will be issued a CPD accredited certificate. The course equates to 3 hours of CPD.

How to book

Call: 020 7336 8403 or email: hs-training@judicium.com or fill out the form below

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